“I like the scholarly content that was presented. It was great to have thought provoking conversations about our field and to meet so many engaging people.”

“This is an awesome program, very enlightening and exceeded my expectations! Each class was a learning experience and really expanded my professional network.”

“I like that the program is guided by the scholars within a flexible framework provided by the Executive Committee.”

“It is extremely difficult for architects to get all this information and education in one class, and I was astounded by the topics and the amazing support that the class has.”

“The CKLPD provided a wide range of topics and concerns that are often elusive to young professionals.”

“I think this is an excellent leadership program geared towards architects! The topics were great, and broad enough that teams could take a bit of liberty with the development of a sessions.”

“The Executive Committee have done a great job in establishing the CKLPD, I’m so glad I took part in the program and have already begun to put these skills to good use within my firm.”