2023 Sessions

January  |  Boot Camp (Attendance Required)

Introduction: Overview of the course and fellow scholars. Outlining the
Importance of leadership within the profession.

March  |  Session #1: Leading Together

The basics of leadership: Understanding one’s personal leadership skills
and how they relate to others

April  |  Session #2: The Art of Negotiation

Ethics + Law: from contracts and codes to professional ethics

May  |  Session #3: Tackling Climate Change

Sustainability + resilience in design

June  |  Session #4: Professional Practice & the One Day MBA

Architects must be proficient in a variety of business practices to contribute
to, manage, or launch a successful firm.

July  |  Session #5: Integrated Practice

Critical issues in integrated architectural practice from collaborative
design, construction to life-cycle management of buildings

August  |  Session #6: Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Moving justice and equity decisively from aspiration to action

September  |  Session #7: Understanding Economic & Industry Trends

Industry game changers

October  |  Session #8: Community Engagement (Attendance Required)

Understanding the needs of the community and the social responsibility
of architects as public servants