Session 08: The Future of Our Culture

Date: September 17, 2021
Location: Allsteel Showroom
Led by: Shamaly Alexander | R. McGhee & Associates Architects & Lilian Noya, AIA, NCARB, LEED AP BD+C, WELL AP | WDG
Session Downloads: 2021 CKLDP Session 08_The Future of Our Culture

This session is designed as a professional development program that will challenge and help scholars explore their impact on the future of our culture at an individual, organizational, and industry level.  It will break down the psychology behind diversity, equity, and inclusion and why understanding its importance is essential to strong leadership.  The session will also explore strategic thinking and layout action plans to help build passionate career visions and leadership styles.

The Future of our Culture will be profoundly shaped by the issues of our time. As architects, we have the ability and responsibility to be part of the solution for future generations.  This session will include presentations, workshops, and an opportunity to reflect on this past year.  The first presentation will help us understand and teach us skills to learn one of the most pressing issues of our generation: how to properly apply lessons of equity, diversity, inclusion in our current leadership development.  The second presentation will help guide us through our own career goals and translate it into making a change in our profession.  Finally the scholars will have the opportunity to review their progress through their most recent LSI reports.  We will discuss the improvements from the beginning of this program and reflect on the impact and value CKLDP has had on our careers as future leaders of our profession.



Session 07: Community Engagement

Date: August 13, 2021
Location: Haworth Inc Showroom
Led by: José Leo Arango, Assoc. AIA | EYP Inc & Scott Archer, AIA, AICP, LEED AP ND | Beyer Blinder Belle
Session Downloads: 2021 CKLDP Session 07 Community Engagement

This session seeks to expand the dialogue surrounding architects’ roles and responsibilities in contributing to achieve and practice equitable community engagements.  Through discussions and workshops, the scholars will expand preconceptions of how stakeholders can be included in the design and planning processes, explore new tools, refine communication skills, and examine how renowned professionals incorporate communities within the ethos of a professional practice. 

An understanding of effective community engagement is critical for architectural and planning professionals.  This program aims to explore the modes and methodologies of how architects engage with all communities to invite them into the design process for a more inclusive and equitable result.  Led by Associate Professor Benjamin Stokes of The Playful City Lab based at American University and author of Locally Played: Real-World Games for Stronger Places and Communities, the scholars will analyze how the rules of game design can expand access and effectiveness of our engagement strategies.  With a broadened understanding of tools for engagement, the scholars will participate in a workshop designed by Bernadette Costello of BCC Consulting to advance competence in proactive listening and change management.  Through instruction and practice of new skills, the attendees will consider and appreciate their role in assisting community members through participation in the design process.  Finally, Belinda Tato, founding partner of ecosistema urbano and Associate Professor in Practice of Landscape Architecture at Harvard University Graduate School of Design, will present and lead discussion on her award-winning design work that improves the self-organization of citizens, social interaction within communities, and their relationship with the environment.  With professional project examples, the scholars will engage in conversation to envision how architects can support inclusive participation and equity in the communities in which we work.


Session 06: Industry Game Changers

Date: July 16, 2021
Location: Virtual
Led by: Emily Latham, AIA, NCARB, LEED Green Associate | Gensler & Kyle Schulte, AIA | Alliance Architecture of Maryland
Session Downloads: 2021 CKLDP Session 06 Industry Game Changers

This session is focused on Industry Game Changers.  The session will cover various aspects of our industry that are constantly evolving and trending.  The first part of the session will focus on adapting to new mobility methods’ specifically, autonomous vehicles, and the evolution of public transportation, and ride sharing.  Part two will focus on sustainability as it relates specifically to historic preservation and adaptive reuse projects.  We will discuss how various green certification programs can be integrated to these project types and what exactly it takes to achieve these designations.  Part three focuses on the future of construction administration and how firms can conduct site visits and problem solve virtually, saving time and money.  The session will conclude with a deep dive on design technology trends in our industry.  Our speakers will walk through various programs and software developed to help ease design thinking and collaboration.

Session 05: Business Development + Marketing

Date: June 18, 2021
Location: Virtual
Led by: Oksana Ramos, AIA, LEED Green Associate | Cunningham Quill Architects & Zach Wolk, Assoc. AIA, WELL AP | HKS
Session Downloads: CKLDP 2021 Session 05 Business Development + Marketing

This session will explore the future of marketing & business development through the lens of storytelling, technology, and sustainability.  Marketing, branding, and RFP strategies will be introduced to provide an understanding of our promotion capabilities and how to harness this energy into the essentials of a winning project proposal.  Speakers will explore game-changing technologies to communicate design intent and the impact of leading with knowledge in healthy building design.

Yesterday, we relied on our established network connections and beautiful renderings or physical models of unsustainable buildings to win clients over.  We sold our time for our work.  Today, we harness immersive environments, live models, interdisciplinary expertise, the power of dynamic storytelling, and strategic client relationships that align with our mission.  We’re building momentum with how we exchange knowledge and results for compensation, instead of just our time – shifting our value for however we will need to market ourselves and perform in the future.  This session will focus on the forces driving Business Development forward in our profession, and the expertise that we are already being asked to be proficient in.  Even more important than having these skillsets, we will look at how they can be applied, tailored and communicated most effectively to our clients.