CKLDP 2016 – 2017 Bootcamp

Date: September 9, 2016
Location: District Architecture Center
Time: 12:00 pm – 5:00pm
Led by: CKLDP Committee

Bootcamp PDF


The 2016-2017 class of the Christopher Kelley Leadership Development Program kicked off at the AIA|DC District Architecture Center.  The class was welcomed by the CKLDP Executive Committee, outlining the goals and expectations for the program. The keynote speakers for the day were Mr. Vaki Mawema and Mr. Ned Cramer.

The first speaker was Mr. Vaki Mawema, the director of Gensler’s Lifestyle Studio where each team member provides amazing contributions. Mr. Maweme’s number one rule for leadership is to never allow motivated people to become demotivated. They way to achieve this is by cultivating an environment of self-belief and continual self-betterment. Mr. Mawema inspired the class to believe in one’s own courage, strengths and to immerse themselves totally through life obstacles.


“Everything you have been through means something right now and will continue to mean something across your trajectory through time”                                                                -Vaki Mawema

The next portion of the session was dedicated to a Pecha-Kucha style presentation from each scholar. The sixteen participants each had 90 seconds to present three slides describing themselves the type of leader that they are, and the type of leader that they’d like to be.

Following the Pecha-Kucha, the scholars were broken up into groups of four to brainstorm potential topics they’d like to address for the two sessions the group were given. After presenting their findings, the scholars were broken up into teams of two.  These teams were each assigned one topic to plan for the program and given time to break out and further develop ideas with the executive committee providing guidance.


The final lecture, Leadership, Architecture and You, was presented by Ned Cramer, editor-in-chief of ARCHITECT magazine. Ned was very energetic and shed some light on the differences between inspiring and arrogant leaders. He left us with some great advice: it’s not about you, surround yourself with people smarter than you, listen to them, ask them questions, set clear expectations, be transparent, explain why, let them fail, let yourself fail and make them proud.


“Your job is not about you. Your job is to serve the people around you.”                                  -Ned Cramer

The discussion continued over drinks at happy hour at the nearby Iron Horse tavern. The new class of scholars are ready to begin their year long journey.